9-Year-Old Mother Impregnated by Own Stepfather

Earlier in the month a storm of controversy hit the media as a 9-year-old Mexican girl gave birth at a hospital in Zapopan, Mexico.

Mexican officials have now analyzed the problem and conducted numerous DNA tests on the girl, Dafne, and her surrounding family. The results are anything but normal. It turns out that the once thought 9-year-old girl is actually 12 or 13 years old, and that the father of Dafne’s baby is not the 17-year-old boyfriend that Dafne claims to have, but it is in fact her own 44-year-old stepfather.

This brings to rest the rumor that young Dafne’s child’s father was a 17-year-old, which Dafne told hospital and government officials after giving birth.

The real puzzle in this story, though, is why it took so long for the world to know Dafne’s real age.

Sources claim this entire debacle was caused by the girls mother, who is supposedly a prostitute trying to bring Dafne into the sex trade, where she would be able to get higher fee’s if she pretended to be 9 years old.

A different theory, a slightly more optimistic one, is that Dafne’s mother lied about her daughters age in order to get Dafne enrolled in school. Though this is more than likely false since there are reports showing that Dafne has never been to school.

The police are now in pursuit of the supposed 17-year-old boyfriend with the hopes of putting this case to rest.