Robbie Williams lost 24lbs, posts pics online

Robbie Williams lost 24lbs, posts pics online

Robbie Williams lost 24lbs

British singer Robbie Williams showed off his smaller body last night at the Brit Awards. Robbie has lost 24 pounds in only 5 weeks.

With his 40th birthday around the corner, he has decided to get healthier. He did say it was not easy to lose the weight.

“I went on a diet. Knocked out sugar (processed) and dairy…. Lost 24 pounds in five weeks,” he wrote on his official website.

“I was looking like Geoff Capes after the Christmas run.. and seeing as 40 is just around the corner it’s time to go all yoga and lentils… or who knows where it could all end.”

Staying away from sweets proved to be hard for this singer but he was able to avoid processed sugars and dairy for the duration of his diet.

Robbie Williams tells us all to watch out. He is hoping to become the next Marky Mark as he pumps up his physique. He hopes to be in good shape so he can be an active father to new daughter, Teddy. He and wife Ayda Field had the new baby in September.

Robbie is not the only singer who is slimming down. The night before, Culture Club’s Boy George showed off his new body as well.

Robbie Williams Weight Loss: Star Debuts New Slimline Physique After Losing 24lbs In Five Weeks (PICS)