Dale Robertson was an amazing 89 years old at death

Dale Robertson was an amazing 89 years old at death

Hollywood Loses Cowboy Hero Dale Robertson at 89

Another of Hollywood’s most beloved film and television cowboys has died at the age of 89.

Dale Robertson, the actor best known for starring roles in such popular westerns as “Tales of Wells Fargo”, “Iron Horse” and “Death Valley Days”, had been hospitalized recently due to lung cancer and pneumonia and passed away in a San Diego area hospital on February 27, reports the New York Times.

Robertson knew his way around horses since boyhood and said the only reason he pursued an acting career over a three decade span of time was to be able to afford his own horse ranch which he eventually realized by purchasing a property in his native Oklahoma.

He was among the hardest working of the western actors, with more than 60 film appearances and over 400 television appearances to his credit. During the early 1980s he was a familiar face on such night-time soap opera dramas as “Dallas” and “Dynasty.”