Donald Trump Tweets "Django is Racist"

Donald Trump Tweets “Django is Racist”

Donald Trump no fan of “Django Unchained”

There can be a collective sigh of relief now, the world finally knows what real-estate mogul and infamous billionaire Donald Trump thinks about the movie Django Unchained- he thinks its racist. Why does he believe this? Could it be the films flagrant use of the infamous “N” word? Could it be the violence the movie shows towards the black characters, or the white characters? Or is it something else? The answer is… no one knows.

Mr. Trump took his opinions to the internet where he tweeted that Django Unchained “…is the most racist movie ever…” and poetically stated “…it sucked!”

Mr. Trump then decided to continue his titrate on the “Fox and Friends” program where he reiterated that the movie was racist and “…a disgrace.” Due to the fact that Mr. Trump doesn’t ever specifically say WHY he believes Quentin Tarantino’s spaghetti western inspired film is racist, his reasons are left up to speculation.

Mr. Trump attempted to explain his claims of racism by decrying the grotesque manner in which the characters died, but judging how the movie features a large number of white characters dying it can be assumed Mr. Trump, who is constantly dogged by his own accusations of racism, isn’t attempting to claim the movie is “reverse” racist.

Mr. Trump could also be grandstanding for the black community in an effort to appeal to some black community leaders who also oppose Django Unchained, and thereby shirk his own poor image amongst the black community.

Mr. Trump’s last attempt to shake off racism accusations fell flat when last June he spoke at the North Carolina State Republican Convention and stated that it was impossible he was a racist because he chose actor Arsenio Hall (who is black) as the winner of Mr. Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice” last season.