nevada ketchup traffic has drivers seeing red

nevada ketchup traffic has drivers seeing red

Ketchup Trafficking In Nevada

A semi truck carrying over forty-two pounds of ketchup had drivers seeing red early Thursday afternoon. The tractor trailer while trying to avoid hitting a car, ran into a light pole. Still unable to gain control of the semi, the driver then hit the underpass of a bridge which tore open the truck’s cargo area.

Luckily, no one was hurt but the ketchup stain was the cause of a major traffic jam just outside of Reno, Nevada.

Nevada Highway Patrol Sergeant Janay Sherven assessed the scene as being “…pretty bad as far as the color goes. I have red everywhere…” Since there were “no bodies, no people, just ketchup”, snowplows were dispatched to the scene in lieu of CSI units.

The Transportation Authority deserves acknowledgement and appreciation for their part in quickly disposing of the tons of delicious redness. Once health officials have declared the ketchup spill a loss, it will be taken to the dump.