The paparazzi seem to bend the rules left and right with their morally gray tactics to obtain some of the most embarrassing, absurd, or provocative photos in the celebrity world. Ben Affleck, newly Academy Award Winning Director, comes off the new notoriety to protect his daughter, Seraphina, from these troubling paparazzi.

The altercation occurred in Santa Monica, CA, where Affleck was dropping his daughter off at school.

Paparazzi swarmed the famed actor where he was holding his daughter. According to reports, they were too close to the pair, to the point where Seraphina was getting scared. They began yelling at her.

Affleck told them to back off and leave, lifting his leg up to make distance between the ‘menacing paparazzi.’

Affleck is not new to the celebrity scene, having first seen mainstream popularity in the middle 90’s, and the following years through a few highly publicized relationships and films. Affleck’s latest project was the Academy Winner ‘Argo.’