Fresh Prince Lockdown

Here’s a little lesson on why it’s important to be well versed in pop culture:

A receptionist at a small Pennsylvanian school recently made a phone call to 19-year-old Travis Clawson.

His voicemail recording was a rendition of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song, wherein Will Smith references “shooting some b-ball outside of the school.” Unfortunately, the receptionist misheard the young Clawson and thought his message said “shooting some people outside of the school.”

The worried secretary immediately called 911, and the teenager was arrested shortly after. Police chief James Mann alleges that police acted “appropriately” due to concern over student welfare.

“He was afraid and embarrassed,” Ambridge police officer Mike Natale told WPXI. “Obviously staff at the doctor’s office was embarrassed about the whole thing too.”

Ambridge Area School District Superintendent Erv Weischedel sent a letter home to parents insisting that the “false alarm” could be seen as a positive.

“As always, the safety of our students and staff are at the forefront of our concern,” he wrote. “While this situation can be considered to be a false alarm, it was an excellent opportunity to test our emergency procedures. The procedures in place were efficient and quickly implemented and proved to be successful.”

Still, it seems like a lot of trouble that could have avoided had the receptionist only been aware of Will Smith’s famous show. What do you say we bring back ’90s TV so a similar mishap doesn’t happen again? I’ll take any excuse to watch some Fresh Prince!