Bret Michaels reportedly had a severe breakdown during his appearance on Celebrity Apprentice. Donald Trump promptly fired Michaels during the first episode. The incident shocked Michaels, who won a previous show of Celebrity Apprentice.

Trump weighed between firing Michaels and Latoya Jackson in the first show of the season. Latoya came out on top and Michaels was comforted by producers as he cried on their shoulders. The meltdown was as surprising to spectators as being fired was to Michaels. It is reported that it was difficult to watch him crying uncontrollably.

Bret Michaels is most famous for fronting the band Poison. Their most notable song is ‘Every Thorn Has It’s Rose’. He returned to the show as a contestant to help raise more funds for his ‘Life Rocks’ foundation. He said he felt he was being punked on the show. He is moving forward with a new album and a new television show and has nothing but praise for Donald Trump and the show.