barbie turns 54 years old, sells mansion

barbie turns 54 years old, sells mansion

Happy 54th B Day Barbie!

Love her or hate her, Barbie is here to stay, and she turns 54 today. Whether you idolized her or reviled her the fact still remains: she is here to stay. While her styles (and nationalities) have changed quite a bit over the years, she still holds a timeless appeal. Children everywhere still play with Barbie dolls and she is still as relevant today as she was when she debuted. You can attribute that to her flexibility to change with the times.

Over the years she has had over 130 jobs and has worked with 75 different designers. However she has only had one love and that is her soul mate Ken who will be turning 52 later this year.

Even though she is getting on in years Barbie remains the fun loving teenager at heart and in body. She also continues to capture the imagination and spirit of little girls everywhere. Happy Birthday Barbie!

Barbie’s Malibu Dream House

Barbie is putting her Malibu Dream House up for sale and it is selling for a whopping $25 million dollars. Yes, that is right.

This Dream house is scaled at 85,000 square feet and it has one bedroom and one bathroom. It is the only house in Malibu where you can see the ocean without any obstruction.

Real Estate agent to the celebrities, Josh Altman will be handling this estate.

“Celebrity can add to the cache of a listing, but few homes also have such iconic status as Barbie’s Malibu Dreamhouse,” said Altman. “I’ve been uniting people with their very own dream homes for years and Malibu is considered one of the most desirable addresses in the world, making this one-of-a-kind property a realtor’s dream listing.”

There are many talented designers behind the construction of this illicit dream house. For years little girls across the world have been playing with Barbie’s dream house from coast to coast and it has now been created into a real life phenomenon.

“It wasn’t an easy decision for Barbie to put her Dreamhouse on the market, but this move marks an unprecedented opportunity for her fans to get an inside look at her dreamy home,” said Lori Pantel, vice president, global marketing for Barbie. “As the brand continues to evolve, we are focused on creating new experiences that allow girls to step into Barbie’s world in ways they never thought possible – igniting their imaginations and encouraging them to dream even bigger.”

Barbie will be searching for another dream house while this is enlisted on the market and who knows who will buy it. This is the ultimate luxury real life house for any Barbie fan today.