What is the Cause of Kelly Osbourne’s Seizure?

Kelly Osbourne has recently suffered from a seizure, and details have been released that shed light on the possible cause. She has been tested for epilepsy, but it is still not definitive. Doctors continue to run other tests as they try to confirm what caused the brief seizure. The medical scare took place when she was filming her show on the E! Network, and the talk show host was quickly rushed to the hospital.

If it turns out to be epilepsy, this would make the situation more serious than they initially thought. As they continue to find out the true cause, Kelly will remain in the hospital for the next few days. She is currently taking medication to prevent future seizures, and has since thanked her fans on Twitter for their support.

The 28 year old talk show host hopes that this was an isolated incident, but she will have to wait a little longer to find out what really happened.