Justice Curbs Cannibal Conspiracy


The 28 year-old NYPD officer, Gilberto Valle, was found guilty today of conspiracy to abduct, torture and eat women. Included on his list of potential victims was his wife, who fortunately learned of his foul intent and tipped off the police.

Valle’s defense rested on the argument that no action had been taken and his fetish existed solely in the realm of imagination; perhaps that premise would have cast a shadow of doubt over the jurors’ minds, but the fact that Valle had illegally accessed a law enforcement database to garner information about potential victims only served to depict the accused officer in a more sinister light.

Valle also maintained a correspondence with other men who had similar grotesque fantasies and shared his plans with them. An online discussion between Valle and one such individual in the cannibalistic cohort detailed the means of kidnapping and cooking a female victim.

Valle is being held without bail and has not entered a plea.