Janelle Evans Leaves 30-Day Rehab After Four Days

Janelle Evans, reality TV star of “Teen Mom 2”, has left a 30-day resident drug rehabilitation program after just four days.

The 21 year old mother believes that she doesn’t need the 30-day program which she had previously admitted herself for treatment.

The tabloid side “Radar Online” is reporting that someone who knows Evans said, “Janelle just needed to spend some time trying to figure things out”.

“Jenelle just needed to spend some time trying to figure things out,” the source told RadarOnline. “She wasn’t in rehab that long because she doesn’t think she really needs it. She’s ready to live her life like a normal person not on drugs or dealing with the crappy guys who were around her.”

It is an odd statement since drug rehab programs are all about “figuring things out”. Radar Online is also reporting that Evans figured out that drugs aren’t her problem; it’s the type of men she’s choosing that get her involved in unhealthy behavior.

She is now said to be “ready” to live a healthy life which presumably means she isn’t currently living one. For her part, Evans tweeted a photograph of her with her three year old boy to the caption: “Just where I want to be”.


Jenelle Evans Leaves Rehab: ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Quits Treatment Facility After 4 Days