Rihanna Shows Red Nose Day Comic Relief Support

Rihanna Shows Red Nose Day Comic Relief Support

Rihanna lends sexy image to comic relief

Rihanna is lending her support to the Red nose day comic relief by wearing the t-shirt.

Marilyn Monroe adorns the front of the shirt diamond earrings dripping from her ears, sporting a pair of oversize black glasses and a big red nose. The designer of the shirt Stella McCartney thanked Rihanna on twitter for her support.

The picture of the super star is sultry and sexy she stands head turned sideways pulling the shirt over what appears to be a bare bottom. Now if that is not enough she has a little bit more for you. Her bright red lips are puckered and she seems to be braless one breast showing the outline of a nipple ring.

Are we shocked by the image? No, as this is typical Rihanna in all of her vixen glory. She is no stranger the obscene so why not lend this famous image to a good cause.

Meanwhile, according to TMZ, Steveland Barrow was arrested last week after breaking into the home of Rihanna’s neighbor.

Police tell the gossip site Barrow thought the home he entered was Rihanna’s. He told cops he was invited in. According to cops, he allegedly slept in the bed he thought was Rihanna’s and stole property.

Rihanna claims in the legal docs she fears for her safety.

The judge issued a temporary restraining order, prohibiting Barrow from coming within 100 yards of all things Rihanna.

On a slightly disturbing note, Barrow has since been released from custody and is nowhere to be found, Rihanna’s lawyer told TMZ.


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