sarah jessica parker's deformed feet

sarah jessica parker’s deformed feet (photo courtesy David Shankbone)

Sarah Jessica Parker Switches to Sneakers

“Sex and the City” star Sarah Jessica Parker portrayed a character obsessed with designed high-heeled shoes from such fashion icons as Manolo Blahnik.

But now comes word from Parker that spending years wearing such gorgeous high heels has actually caused her feet to become deformed. Her doctor recommended she switch from high heels to sneakers after spending a decade worth of 18-hours days on set wearing high heeled shoes.

While on the set of the movie “I Don’t Know How She Does it”, Parker sustained an ankle injury that led to medical treatment that discovered the development of an extra bone in her foot from excessive high heel use.

Although Parker says she still enjoys wearing high heels to some of the glamorous entertainment events she attends both in New York City and Hollywood, she now spends most of her day wearing much more comfortable sneakers to avoid further foot aggravation.

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