Swedish Wrestler Throws Away Medals In Protest

To protest the judges’ decision to award a gold medal to a wrestler from Italy, Swedish wrestler Ara Abrahamian threw his bronze medal away after he walked out of a ceremony in Beijing in which only minutes before he had been presented with the award.

According to the Telegraph, Abrahamian had been competing in the 2008 84kg Greco-Roman competition but vowed that it would serve as his final match in the sport of wrestling since he failed to take home the coveted top prize, the Olympic gold medal. Abrahamian went so far as to confront Olympic officials regarding their final decision which awarded Italian wrestler Andrew Minguzzi with the gold prize.

His supporters and fellow team members managed to hold him back and helped him avoid getting arrested.

Even fans in the stadium where the competition took place booed the judges as they left the gym, but Abrahamian continued his temper tantrum by striking his fist against an aluminum barricade.


Swedish wrestler Ara Abrahamian vows to quit after throwing away Olympic medal