Extreme Cyclist Bounces Up 100 Floors on Bicycle

Poland’s Krystian Herba is making a name for himself and defining a niche of extreme cycling: stair stepping.

He set a Guinness world record yesterday by climbing all 2,754 stairs of the 100-story Shanghai World Financial Center by bouncing up the stairs on his bicycle and never stepping down on his feet once.

The task would be daunting enough for any human to do on foot foot much less by lugging a bicycle.

The task took Hebra one hour 21 minutes and 51 seconds. Authorities sold tickets to the event at 200 Yuan each (~ $32 USD).

In setting this record, Hebra broke his own record of 2,040 steps which he mastered at Dubai’s 72-story Rose Tower building just over a year ago. Hebra is 31 years old. It has not been announced if he will attempt to climb the world’s largest building which stands at 163 stories in Dubai.