Weatherman Falls For Bart Simpson trick On Air (VIDEO)

Weatherman Falls For Bart Simpson trick On Air (VIDEO)

Weatherman Bart Simpson Trick

A Los Angeles weatherman is probably still scratching his head this morning, wondering how he could have fallen for a hilarious on air prank which was once made famous by Bart Simpson on the hit cartoon, “The Simpsons”.

The KTLA 5 weatherman, Henry DiCarlo was given a birthday shout out to read over the air prior to his scheduled weather forecast, last week. DiCarlo read the birthday shout out to a Mr. “Hugh Janus” live on the air, and was seemingly oblivious of the rude connotation that the name was created to deliver.

Co anchor Chris Schauble quickly caught on and began breaking into hysterical laughter right away, however it took his female co-anchor several seconds before she caught on and also joined in on the laughfest. “What?,” DiCarlo stated as he finished the reading the announcements. After Schauble explained it was a prank, he took the joke in good stride. “I totally fell for it, didn’t I?” DiCarlo stated as he began chuckling.

US weatherman tricked into on-air gaffe by Bart Simpson-esque trick

Weatherman pranked live on air by Bart Simpson trick – video