Nancy Dell’Olio Says Nigella Lawson Is Too Fat

Nancy Dell’Olio Says Nigella Lawson Is Too Fat

Nancy Dell’Olio’s strong words for Nigella and Sven

(dbTechNo) – Former Strictly Come Dancing contestant Nancy Dell’Olio’s attempt to produce her own reality TV show has included an interview where she claims TV chef Nigella Lawson is fat.

Plugging the show she wishes to produce with Channel 4 Dell’Olio was asked is she could be compared to Nigella because of their looks Dell’Olio claimed the chef was entertaining, but fat.

Speaking to The Telegraph, the Italian said: “Nigella? She’s entertaining, but still too fat.”

The lawyer and former girlfriend of England football manager Sven Goran Eriksson claims her new TV show will not feature cookery, but instead see her explain to the British public how to seduce men in Britain.

It appears Dell’Olio got the taste for reality TV during her stint on the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing where she claims the British public fell in love with both her looks and personality; despite her love of the ballroom dancing show Nancy says any return would only be with her as a judge. As for former lover Eriksson Dell’Olio did not mince her words, claiming the soccer coach no longer has a career and is not wanted by the public.

Dell’Olio and Eriksson have recently been involved in a court battle over an apartment bought by the former Manchester City and Lazio coach, which he and Dell’Olio shared during their relationship.


Nigella Lawson? She’s too fat, says Nancy Dell’Olio