Selena Gomez Bikini Bound For 'Spring Breakers"

Selena Gomez Bikini Bound For ‘Spring Breakers”

Selena Gomez Stars in Bikini Crime Comedy

Former Disney Darling Selena Gomez was with actor James Franco for the premier of their new film “Spring Breakers”.

The comedy tells the story of several air-headed college coeds who try and raise money for Spring break by robbing a local restaurant.

The plan goes wrong as the girls are arrested. While in county jail, a duplicitous benefactor, who turns out to be a drug dealer, posts bail for the girls and enlists them in criminal activities of his own. One of the reviews for the film calls it a “bikini crime comedy”.

The film will represent a dramatic departure for twenty year old Gomez due to it’s R rating for sexual content and nudity. Former Disney darling Vanessa Hudgens also stars in the film; she too has made a big departure from her innocent days with Disney in recent years. Actor James Franco takes on the role of a rapper in the film.

check out a galley of Selena Gomez bikini promo shots below.


Selena Gomez and James Franco star in bikini crime comedy Spring Breakers