teenager trapped in baby highchair:

teenager trapped in baby highchair:

Teen Manages to Trap Herself in Baby Highchair

Mixing together alcohol, youth, inexperience and a lack of common sense has always been a dangerous combination, which was the case in Hove, East Sussex. A 19 year old woman, who was drinking and partying at the time, needed help from the fire department after she became trapped in a baby’s highchair. According to ‘The Mirror’, the woman managed to get herself stuck in the highchair over the weekend and had to call firefighters for help.

According to the Huffington Post, one of the local firefighters from East Sussex, Mark Rist, thought it was a crank call at first. When the firefighters arrived they realized it wasn’t a hoax call, the woman was actually trapped and unable to escape on her own. “She would not have got out without us,” said Rist. Firefighters respond to many unusual calls on a daily basis, but a spokeswoman for the East Sussex Fire and Rescue said “She should have known better at that age.”

This is not the first incident where a woman has gotten trapped in a highchair. In January of 2013, Oxfordshire firefighters rescued Serena Curtis, who managed to get herself wedged into her 3 year-old son’s highchair. Thanks to the woman’s friend Jade Dickerson, the event was captured on video.

Check out the video below.


Teenager trapped in baby highchair freed by firefighters

Serena Curtis, Tipsy Mom, Gets Stuck In Son’s High Chair, Rescued By Firefighters (VIDEO)