Jon Hamm Rumor:  Actor Told To Wear His Gitch

Jon Hamm Rumor: Actor Told To Wear His Gitch

If you are in the know in Hollywood entertainment, you might have heard about the “Jon Hamm Rumor.” The rumor is that Jon Hamm never wears underwear while he appears on film.

Because of this, the outline of Hamm’s ***** could be seen on many of the shots during the filming of the 6th episode of “Man Men.” Hamm’s man bits allegedly became problematic for the staff on the set and one member of the crew asked Hamm to put on underwear so that his package wasn’t always bulging out in every shot.

The New York Daily News is reporting, ”Hamm likes to go commando in his everyday life, but for the costumers of this season of the AMC series, his bulge was so prominent that he was forced to wear underwear while filming.”

A source continues to reveal to the publication, “This season takes place in the 1960s, where the pants are very tight and leave little to the imagination. Jon’s impressive anatomy is so distracting that they politely insisted on underwear.”

It is a problem to have someones manhood bulging out like that constantly. Could you imagine children seeing the promotional pictures of an upcoming movie that has a men with a distinct erection visible? Jon Hamm may or may not have a constant erection but in order to keep suspicions at a minimum, he did confirm that the rumors were true but he added that he really didn’t want to talk about it.

Hamm continues to downplay this rumor even though the blogosphere and Twitter have been poking fun at the rumor. Considering Hamm shares the set with a well endowed woman named Christina Hendricks, there will always be rumors and internet musings regarding the popular actors.

This isn’t the first time, Hann’s manhood has made headlines.

“KEEP your junk in your trunk and stop going commando!” That’s what the cast and crew of the Emmy-winning series Mad Men are saying about star JON HAMM’s bizarre “no underwear” rule!

Hamm, who’s notorious for skipping skivvies, even has bloggers going nuts over his not-suitable for- work attire, an insider told The ENQUIRER.

“Jon refuses to wear underwear and there have been so many close calls on the set that someone finally had to tell him to secure his goods,” a source confided.

“During filming, his character has had to wear some very short shorts, and that’s when everyone’s especially on edge. Some of the actresses and crew members wouldn’t mind a sneak peek, but the majority of the cast and crew don’t want Jon to accidentally expose himself.”

Hamm – who plays brooding ad man Don Draper on the hit AMC series – is “getting a kick out of all the fuss,” says the source. “Jon thinks it’s hilarious.”

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