It looks as if former NBA player Dennis Rodman’s visit to North Korea wasn’t just to act as a basketball ambassador, but also served the purpose of digging up some gossip on the countries leader, Kim Jong Un. Rodman proved that he can’t keep a secret. The NBA Hall of Famer, nicknamed the Worm, let it slip in interviews that Jong Un is the father to a daughter.

Rodman said that Jong Un’s wife, Ri Sol Ju, kept talking during the trip about the couple’s baby daughter. It was previously unknown if the dictator had any children. Kim Jong Un married Sol Ju in 2009 and there have been rumors and speculations about whether he had fathered any potential heir to his dictatorship.

It is speculated that the communist leader would wait until the couple birthed a son before making any such announcement. The 30 year old Jong Un became the automatic heir to the communist dynasty when his father, Kim Jong-il, passed away in 2011.

It’s unknown if Rodman’s accidental spilling of this state secret will harm his friendship with Jong Un. It was reported that the two new friends were planning to spend some vacation time together this Summer.