WWE star saves mom From Burning Inferno

WWE star saves mom From Burning Inferno

Former WWE Star Rescues His Mother From Burning Inferno

Earlier this week, former WWE wrestling star 30-year-old Chris Masters rescued his mother, Diane Mordetzky, from her Los Angeles home after a neighbor set it on fire.

Masters received an urgent and frightened phone call from his uncle telling him that one of his mother’s neighbors had apparently lost his mind, taken her hostage and barricaded them both inside her home.

Masters from outside the structure attempted to calm down the neighbor, but his efforts failed. He called the police and the neighbor set the fire.

With his mother’s life in jeopardy, Masters then purportedly uprooted a tree, used it as a battering ram to break through a window and then rescued his mother. A separate tweet by Masters states that police also helped him break the window and pull his mother from the house to safety.

On March 20, Masters told his Twitter followers that the “***** got his from me!!!” He also tweeted pictures of the ruined structure and a picture of long scratches he sustained along his left bicep and shoulders.

Police arrested the neighbor as soon as Diane was safe. The reason for the neighbor’s actions is under investigation.

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Former WWE star Chris Masters saves mom from burning house

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