Alicia Douvall 1m boobs

Alicia Douvall 1m boobs

Alicia Douvall’s £1 Million Obsession

Former English model Alicia Douvall has taken her quest to become “perfect” to the extreme, as she claims to have spent more than £1 million on over 300 cosmetic procedures. She had her first procedure, a breast augmentation at age 17, and since then has had another 15 operations on her breasts alone. Douvall now says, “I was unwell, addicted to surgery. But none of those doctors tried to stop me. I think they just wanted my money.”

In addition to her breast operations, she has also had 3 facelifts, 12 eye operations, 11 different nose procedures, three sets of cheek implants, one chin implant, six lip lifts, and five procedures to transfer fat from her thighs and stomach to her face. She has also had one rib shaved to make her waist smaller, and two toe-shortening procedures in addition to many other operations.

Alicia is now speaking out as part of part of a campaign to “Stop The Cosmetic Surgery Cowboys,” which is calling for legislative changes to protect public safety. When asked if she was happy now, she replied she’s far from it. “I’ve had so much surgery, my face doesn’t move. I can’t smile properly and can’t breathe through my nose. If I’d never had surgery, I’d be far better looking than I am now.”


Why did nobody stop me wasting £1m to be the world’s most nipped and tucked woman? Alicia Douvall’s 16 boob jobs, six nose jobs and 308 cosmetic treatments