Rihanna Shows Red Nose Day Comic Relief Support

Rihanna Late For Show By Four Hours, Blames Traffic

Rihanna Four Hours Late to Chicago High School Event – Blames Traffic

Singing sensation Rihanna was four hours late to a High School event in Chicago. Previously, the singer had asked students at the school to put together presentations of their charitable service.

Rihanna was on her way to the event when she got stuck in Chicago traffic. Students at the event were understandably frustrated with the singer’s tardiness but soon forgot all such feelings when she arrived.

Though Rihanna’s visit to the school lasted only 15 – 20 minutes, Rihanna turned out to be a crowd pleaser. For her part, Rihanna expressed her anticipation over meeting the students saying the following via Twitter: “I can’t wait to meet these kids man! They’re major inspirational life changers.” Rihanna then took to lauding the school’s achievements via twitter.

She said the students have accomplished the following: raised $40,000 for tornado victims in Joplin, $700,000 for the American Cancer Society, and $245,000 for Gigi’s Playhouse to benefit children with Down Syndrome.