Beast Of Dorset: Hmm Not So Much (PHOTO)

Beast Of Dorset: Hmm Not So Much (PHOTO)

Mysterious “Monkey” in Dorset Park

Earlier in the day in Dorchester, Dorset a 17 year old girl spotted what she says appeared to be a monkey roaming around the grounds of a public park.

Terri Leigh Cox says she caught a glimpse of what appeared to a monkey walking across the park outside of her bedroom window.

Miss Cox said: ‘It looked about the size of a small gorilla. It was walking like one as well, using its arms and feet. It was such a shock I couldn’t believe what I was seeing at first.

She quickly tried to snapa photo and watched as the money scampered away on all 4 straight up a near by tree.

‘I managed to get a photo but it quickly went out of sight. I couldn’t see it very clearly.

‘It was definitely a monkey because you could tell by its hunched back and the way it scampered across the field and up the tree. It wasn’t a black dog.

‘I have no idea what the monkey was doing there. It could have escaped if someone was keeping it as a pet.’

‘I can confirm that all of our rescued monkeys and apes are safe and well in the park.’

Now there is a famous monkey attracting in Wool not to far away from the scene, and the attraction has been notified. The problem arises when the curator of the attraction has since come out and stated that all of their monkeys have been accounted for.

A spokeswoman for Monkey World said: ‘The image is not clear and it is difficult to make out, so we would be unable to confirm its identity.

Still Miss Cox swears what she saw was a monkey, and you could tell by the way it was on all fours walking around the park. She definitely doesn’t think despite not getting a clear picture that it was some other type of animal like a large black dog.

Is there really a monkey roaming across Dorchester? Residents definitely need to keep their eyes peeled while they stash away their bananas. You never know when a monkey could suddenly appear on your doorstep!

Have you seen the the beast of Dorset?

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