Hayden Panettiere Romance with Ex-Boyfriend is On Again

23-year-old actress Hayden Panettiere, best known for her role as “Claire Bennet” in the hit show “Heroes”, left no doubts in the mind of fans that her romance with 36-year-old ex-boyfriend Wladimir Klitschko is back on again.

They make quite an odd couple, to say the least. Panettiere is 5’1″ soft-spoken woman who continues to look very much like a young teenager. 36-year-old Klitschko is a 6’6″ rugged & rock solid heavyweight boxer from the Ukraine. The couple had been dating previously but broke up for what Klitschko referred to as the difficulties in maintaining a “long-distance relationship”.

However, the two attended a Sunday game of the Miami Heat and were openly seen kissing.

In fact, the two could hardly keep their hands off one another and were openly enjoying a romance that has been reignited. Panettiere was dressed in stylish jeans and a “plunging” pink top that complemented her figure and was described as being quite “sexy”. It’s likely that the couple has been back together for quite some time. In mid-January Klitschko was seen dropping her off at LAX.

At the time, Panettiere was asked if they were dating again and she denied it claiming the two were “just friends”.


There’s no doubt they’re dating! Hayden Panettiere makes a show of kissing her Wladimir Klitschko as they reignite romance