Justin Bieber Shirtless in Airport Like A Boss

Justin Bieber Shirtless in Airport Like A Boss

Justin Bieber Goes Shirtless in Airport

19 year old mega pop star Justin Bieber was sighted in the airport at Lodz, Poland strolling through security without much clothes on. Pants sagging revealing his white underwear and totally shirtless Justin Bieber rolled through the airport security check showing off his body to anyone and everyone around.

The reason for all of this are unknown as it was not as if this was a request from the airport security guards, and nothing Bieber took off would have been something to set off the airport metal detectors.

It can be assumed Justin did this just because he can, and because he was in a good mood. He had performed to a packed crowd earlier in the evening in Poland and even tweeted out afterwards how great of a show it was in Poland. This also is not exactly a new phenomenon as Bieber has been seen going shirtless a lot on this big European musical swing. He was spotted both in Birmingham as well as London during his UK stint without his t-shirt on despite the not exactly warm weather.

I guess Justin is really fond of showing off his super in shape body with his six pack abs. I know most adoring fans don’t mind seeing Justin Bieber shirtless, and it seems the mega pop star will easily oblige these days!


Justin Bieber goes through airport security shirtless

Justin Bieber Struts Half-Naked Through Poland Airport—See the Shirtless Pic!