Eva Mendes Angry Over Rachel McAdams’ Phone Calls

Since September of 2011, Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes (PHOTO) have been in a relationship but jealousy has recently reared its ugly head as Eva is reportedly livid with Ryan’s ex-girlfriend Rachel McAdams. She has been calling him repeatedly to help her deal with her recent breakup.

Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams dated after starring together in the film The Notebook then broke up in 2007 but were “on again” for a brief period in 2008. Since then, Ryan and Rachel have remained friends and kept in touch. However, since Rachel’s recent break up with Michael Sheen, she has apparently been calling him far more often and using him to help her cope with the ordeal. He has become her shoulder on which to cry.

It has been reported that Eva is quite infuriated by the situation. Eva and Ryan have a new movie coming out in which he is a father. Eva has spoken highly of the way he plays a father in the movie and how wonderful he is with the children on set. It certainly does not sound like a breakup is forthcoming but Eva would be much happier with fewer phone calls from Ryan’s ex girlfriend.


Ryan Gosling is Rachel McAdams’ shoulder to cry on?