Beyonce Gay Marriage: Singer Shows Support For Gay Marriage

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Beyoncé Publicly Displays Her Support for Gay Marriage


Rapper Jay-Z voiced his support for gay marriage over two years ago. During an interview, he described the issue as one of discrimination. He even equated this problem to racism against African Americans. Now his wife, singer Beyoncé, is voicing her support for marriage equality. Currently, the Supreme Court is weighing cases involving marriage equality, and public support for the issue continues to grow.

Recently, Beyoncé posted an image of a handwritten note on Instagram. It contained lyrics of one of her most popular songs along with a message supporting marriage equality. She then reposted an image that symbolizes support for gay marriage. The image on the second posting was a modified version of the symbol used by the organization Human Rights Campaign. In recent days, millions of people have posted the same symbol on social media sites.

Celebrities like Martha Stewart and George Takei have recently voiced their support for marriage equality. Various states have legalized gay marriage, and others will surely follow suit. Undoubtedly, more celebrities will speak out since the Supreme Court is debating this very issue right now. Beyoncé is one of hundreds of well-known figures to voice their opinion on the issue.

Source(s): LA Times