Jim Carrey’s Anti-Gun Video Inspires Guns Sales

Jim Carrey’s recent music video against gun ownership has put the actor in the cross-hairs of many gun loving Americans. One seller on eBay was apparently so disappointed in the actor’s music video that he tried to auction off an autographed picture of Carrey he had, so he could by a Glock handgun to protect his family.

The seller, who uses the name “astrobuzz,” was instructed to alter the description of the autographed picture or remove the item from the eBay website. Astrobuzz is just one person among a countless mass of people who have criticized the actor for his anti-gun music video that made fun of gun owners and the legendary actor Charlton Heston.

Astrobuzz’s autographed picture of the anti-gun, actor turned singer, Jim Carry, went viral this week, but has since disappeared mysteriously. Before the picture was taken off eBay, The Hollywood Reporter claimed the listing description was altered to say “I’m selling an autographed B&W photo of Jim Carrey (mint condition) for reasons I cannot explain, because it might be against the Terms & Conditions of eBay.”

Since astrobuzz’s autographed picture has disappeared, many copycats have been storming the eBay to sell their Jim Carry memorabilia to raise money to join the National Rifle Association and to buy firearms.


eBay shoots down auction to sell Jim Carrey picture for gun purchase