Mariah Carey No Makeup Photos Showing Star Rockin It At 43

Mariah Carey No Makeup Photos Showing Star Rockin It At 43

Mariah Carey Au Natural Photograph Goes Viral

Singer and actress Mariah Carey never ceases to amaze fans. She gave a commendable performance in the 2009 film “Precious” as a plain looking social worker.

In fact, many people didn’t realize that the character “Ms. Weiss” was played by Mariah Carey.

In that role, Carey did not appear without makeup; she was wearing plenty of makeup to appear makeup-less in what she described as intentionally “homely”.

During the film, Carey refused to look at herself in a mirror given the fake “bags” placed under her eyes and the fake “shaved mustache” placed above her lip. Yesterday, Carey posted a photograph on Instagram of her face completely “au natural”; it has gone viral.

The mixed Venezuelan African-American genes give her a lovely bend of brown skin, rosy cheeks, and lush rush lips – all natural. It was a refreshing look to the performer who’s had a rough several months following a much publicized dispute with Niki Manaj on the set of “American Idol”. Carey claims Manaj threatened to shoot her.

Carey went so far as to increase her personal security in response to the threat. However, what makes the photograph all the lovelier is that Carey is the happy mother of two and at age 43, appears to have ageless beauty.