Justin Timberlake drug use has indeed clouded his memories

Justin Timberlake drug use has indeed clouded his memories

According to Justin Timberlake drug use has indeed clouded his memories of attending former Coachella festivals. The vocal artist admits that he had been “tripping” on different “substances” during prior music festivals. While not listing any of these “substances” by name it is not difficult to figure out that he most likely upped the ante from smoking a bit of marijuana.

Timberlake made this declaration while attending the South by Southwest (SXSW)event this year. He stated that he could remember a few of the acts that were performing at Coachella during past years but his personal memory of the actual festival was more than a little cloudy. Undoubtedly those unnamed “substances” were responsible for JT’s memory gaps.

Newly married Timberlake has admitted to experimenting with drugs in the past, but he limited his admission to smoking pot. In one of those interviews he declared that he felt some people functioned better when they were high on drugs. He further stated that his brain would turn “off” and he would “stop thinking” after toking on marijuana.

The curious reader might wonder exactly what drugs Justin Timberlake was on during the Coachella festivals. Marijuana is not generally described as causing the user to trip out of their mind. Most pot smokers describe the drug as creating a mellow mood or a state of relaxation. The reluctance of Timberlake to name those curious “substances” is sure to spark more curiosity among fans and reporters.