Obama Easter Outfit: First Lady Goes Casual On Holiday

Obama Easter Outfit: First Lady Goes Casual On Holiday

The Cheery Obama Family Get Dressed Up For Easter

The First Family made a fashionable appearance cutting across the lawn of the Capitol on a humid Easter morning. Making their way to the St. John’s Episcopal church, they wore brilliant smiles and snappy outfits.

Barrack, in his usual low-key elegance, wore a soft grey suit that pretty well matched his hair this year, along with a well chosen cerulean blue tie that drifted into a very very light blue dress shirt.

Michelle, with her youthful new hairstyle flitting in the light wind, was seen wearing a creation of a relatively new designer, Prabal Gurung, with roots tracing back to Nepal. Michelle also wore a familiar gray coat that we can remember seeing during the occasion when the former president G.W. Bush and his wife were hosted at the White House.

The daughters ramped up the use of bright colors in their clothing choices. Sasha wore a contrasting black and white layered dress with a violet cardigan draped over it. Malia, using a very prominent red theme, had a checkered sweater atop a black mini-dress with a broad pastel red midsection, and wore a blue necklace as she walked hand-in-hand with the president. Both daughters wore their hair in buns.