Walking Dead Season 3 Finale Leaves Audiences Asking "What's Next?"

Walking Dead Season 3 Finale Leaves Audiences Asking “What’s Next?”

Hungry For More: Hungry For More: Walking Dead Season 3 Finale Leaves Audiences Asking “What’s Next?”
One of the most popular shows on television, The Walking Dead season finale has left audiences wanting more. On Easter Sunday AMC aired the last episode of season three.

Though, ratings for the finale have not been released, the previous episode drew in nearly 11 million viewers and some predictions for the finale are in excess of 12 million.

Despite the hype this episode was surprisingly conservative. With a body count of 27, only three were key characters. Among them Andrea, who had been receiving her fair share of criticism from fans recently.

However predictable, the Governor’s murderous rampage provided the audience with a healthy dose of excitement. With the residents of Woodbury rallied against the group inside the prison, watchers were ready for a showdown. When the defeated Woodbury posse fled, the governor made quick work of them.

Other than the anticipated blood shed there were also some interesting character developments. Chief among them was the coming of age story of Carl, who is becoming more and more like the ruthless Governor than his relatively peaceful father.

We saw the death of some familiar characters, we have some loose ends and we have some interesting character developments. This may not have been the finale people were expecting, but we have some things to look forward to next season.