Jennifer Ellison reveals Depression Battle

Former Brookside star Jennifer Ellison has revealed her battle with postnatal depression as she nears the end of her second pregnancy. Opening up to Now magazine Ellison explains that a difficult labour with her first child, a son named Bobby is thought to have contributed to the onset of postnatal depression.

Ellison’s first labour lasted an eventful 92 hours and was only ended when doctor’s ordered an emergency caesarean be performed; the ex soap star claims the four days of labour followed by the arrival of Bobby left both herself and husband Robbie traumatized.

The former contestant of Hell’s Kitchen explained her mother had also suffered from postnatal depression and was able to spot the signs in her daughter; after seeking treatment Ellison took antidepressants for six months to help beat the baby blues.

As she awaits the arrival of her second child Ellison claims she does not fear postnatal depression occurring for a second time; she says that she now now knows the condition is treatable and will seek treatment in a more timely manner if it does happen again.

She told the new issue of Now magazine: ‘It’s already crossed my mind. But I hope I should be OK…

“Thankfully my mom also had postnatal depression, so she recognized the signs. My GP diagnosed me and prescribed antidepressants, which took about a month to take effect. But I had to take them for six months.

“Everything changed. When you have your first baby, your whole life changes. I hope I won’t suffer from postnatal depression again because now we’ve adapted from being a couple to being a mom and dad and from being people with no responsibilities to focusing on Bobby. After I gave birth I had a huge weight gain to deal with too.”

‘I don’t think I’ll get it with this baby.’

“I think I got it last time because of the shock of the labor – it was extremely stressful and very scary. Four days of no sleep and then a baby! Everything was negative in my mind.

She enthused: ‘I’m sure I should be frightened,
but I’m not. My poor husband Robbie was absolutely traumatised but I was like: “I want to do it again!”

“I loved the whole experience. I know it sounds weird, but I knew the pain had a purpose. Maybe I feel fine because Robbie’s so supportive. He didn’t leave my side throughout the whole of my labour. I’m so lucky.”


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