Pregnant Rochelle Wiseman: "Marvin Humes Loves My Boobs"

Pregnant Rochelle Wiseman: “Marvin Humes Loves My Boobs”

Big Boobs Make Marvin Smile!

Rochelle Wiseman has been spotted about town recently showing off her recently acquired baby bump.

The smoking hot singer of the Saturday’s has become noticeably curvy as of late, and apparently her husband, Marvin Humes of boy band JLS fame is enjoying the benefits.

According to Now Magazine, Rochelle claims, ‘The bigger I’ve got, the more he’s loved it. I’ve got enormous boobs and a big bum. He thinks it’s so hot.’

Meanwhile, Marvin’s been taking his impending fatherhood seriously. In an interview with Fabulous, Marvin states that he’s been carrying around The Man’s Guide to Pregnancy with him wherever he goes.

Micelle has had no problem showing off her figure, and recently appeared on the Wendy Williams show wearing a short flower print mini dress and heels, and later she tweeted photos of her baby bump from atop the Empire State building in NYC.

The singer also let it be known recently that she has no birth plan in place, and “doesn’t know what to expect.”

She said: ‘I have no idea what to expect. I haven’t done a birth plan, I haven’t picked any music. I’m hoping to have a natural birth, but I’m not making any decisions. I just want to wait to see what happens and go with what is best at the time.’

Rochelle added: ‘The only decision I have made is that Marvin will be with me in the room, and my mum will be somewhere in the hospital. The girls and JLS will be on standby to come and visit as soon as they can, but on the day it will be just me, Marvin and the baby.’



Pregnant Rochelle Wiseman: Marvin Humes loves my enormous boobs and big bum