Singer Warwick Files Bankruptcy With Only $1,000 Cash Left

Singer Dionne Warwick may have earned millions of dollars throughout the stellar career that won her five Grammy Awards, but she is now down to a paltry $1,000 in cash in her bank account, prompting her to file bankruptcy proceedings.

According to papers filed last week in Newark, NJ, the 72-year old Warwick is more than $10 million in debt and must live on $10 each month after paying all of her bills. Warwick told the court that although her monthly income is almost $21,000, she is left with only $10 each month after all of her financial obligations have been paid. Warwick collaborated with songwriters Hal David and Burt Bacharach over many years to produce such memorable songs as “Walk On By” and “Say a Little Prayer for Me.”

Most of the millions that Warwick owes is to the State of California and the IRS for back taxes.