Chris Brown Sexing on a Plane

Chris Brown has recently admitted that one of the craziest places that he has had sex is on a plane! It apparently happened with Chris Brown stopped by the set of BET’s 106 & Park to have a chat with buddy and rapper “Bow wow”.

After having a drawn out conversation about latest music and new album releases, Chris Brown started to quiz friend Bow Wow about the craziest place he has ever had sex.

After Bow Wow confessed to having sex with a girl in the back of a Jeep, Chris Brown went on to make a candid confession that he had sex with a girl in first class on a European Commercial flight and that now makes him a member of the “mile high club”.

Talk about Scandalous. That probably wouldn’t have been the best place for that conversation since it is considered to be a “family show”. He did, however, go on to say that on one was able to see anything due to him being able to cover up with a “big front”.

After constant attempts to redeem himself of beating up then girlfriend Rhianna back in 2009, it seems our good boy Chris Brown is “not so good.”


Chris Brown admits to having sex on plane

Part of the Mile High Club: Chris Brown Reveals Sex on Plane