JaMarcus Russell 27 Pounds Weight Loss Journey:  "No Longer Breathing Like A Fat Man"

JaMarcus Russell 27 Pounds Weight Loss Journey: “No Longer Breathing Like A Fat Man”

JaMarcus Russell Shapes Up for NFL Comeback

JaMarcus Russell, a man who is known as one of the biggest NFL draft busts in the history of the league, is attempting to re-write the story of his career and it started at the gym.

The former #1 overall pick in the annual draft has recently lost 27 pounds in an effort to make it back on to an NFL roster for the 2013 season.

In recent years, Russell’s weight gain has been a discussion point among disgruntled Oakland Raider fans and he had ballooned up to weights as high as 315 pounds. He has stated that his overall goal is to drop 18 more points to get to his goal weight of 270. He has been training at an elite academy in southern California.

“Through the first couple weeks, I could barely make it through the workout,” he said. “It was crazy. We go in to do the warm-up and here I am breathing like a fat man. So, now I’m breathing pretty good and able to stand up on my own two feet.”

Russell will need to do more than just lose weight. He hasn’t worn an NFL uniform for three years and despite several try outs has not gotten any invitations to join a team.

The former LSU standout is still only 27 years old. He had such impressive arm strength and also impressive height and size for a quarterback and was the top draft choice of Oakland in 2007. He signed a $68 million dollar contract before his rookie season and it all went downhill from there. Russell is hoping to change all of that with his renewed focus.

While there is still plenty of work left to do, Russell has shown that he deserves at least a shot.


JaMarcus Russell’s 27 Pounds Weight Loss: Former NFL Star Looking to Make a Comeback (VIDEO)

JaMarcus Russell Loses 27 Pounds in NFL Comeback Effort

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