Lindsay Lohan Sues Her Own Clothing Company

Lindsay Lohan Sues Her Own Clothing Company

Lohan Frolics in Bikini Before Court-Ordered Rehab

Before heading off to spend 90 days in court-ordered rehab, actress Lindsay Lohan spent the recent Easter Holidays frolicking on the beaches of Brazil wearing a skimpy bikini.

In addition to showing off Lohan’s shapely curves, the swimsuit also revealed a number of unsightly bruises on the upper portion of her left thigh.

US magazine writes:

The redhead was happy to flaunt her curvy figure (and a bit of sideboob) in the two-piece as she sunbathed and went for a swim. Wearing sunglasses, a chunky silver bracelet and a necklace for her beach day, Lohan was also sporting several unmissable — but unexplained — bruises on her left leg.

She made the trek to Brazil in order to fulfill several professional commitments prior to undergoing another try at rehabilitation to deal with her ongoing addiction to alcohol and pills.

Lohan didn’t let the appearance of numerous paparazzi ruin her plans for a refreshing swim.

On April first, she made a stab at a good humored prank by tweeting that she was pregnant, only admitting later that it was her attempt at an April Fool’s joke. What’s not a joke is that the troubled actress has been arrested no less than half a dozen times in less than a decade.

Lohan sent Twitter a buzz with a late night tweet stating she is officially pregnant.

The twitter world quickly became a buzz with the news retweeting the post, speculating on who the father might be, and if the tweet was even real.

The crux of the matter being though it was already April 2nd Lohan sent the tweet out late night and the previous day had obviously been April Fools.

Was this just some form of late night pranksterism from Lohan just to get the world a buzz or was this a true late night admission? Plus there is the chance her twitter account just could have been hacked, taken over, and then someone else posted just for the luls.


Lindsay Lohan Showcases Bikini Body, Multiple Bruises in Rio