Ireland Baldwin Bikini Body Unleashed In NYC

Ireland Baldwin Bikini Body Unleashed In NYC

Ireland Basinger Baldwin Does First Modeling Photo Shoot

17-year-old Ireland Basinger Baldwin, daughter of Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin, did her first professional photo shoot as a model. Like her mother, Ms. Baldwin is quite beautiful. She just recently signed on with modeling companies IMG and Two Management.

For her first photo shoot and interview with the New York Post, Ireland posed in summer bikinis in sunny but chilly 40 degree weather.

Ms. Baldwin was clear that her father is his own person and has his own opinions. Likewise, she affirmed that she is her own person and has her own opinions.

“You know, he has his own agenda and I have my own. I think he’s very outspoken and he has his opinions, and he’s him and I’m me, and I know he’s done things that he regrets himself and that he’s sorry for, but you know, the past is the past.”

She also made clear that she’s moved past the regrettable things her father did in the past.

Ms. Baldwin must be speaking of the period of time during and after her parents high-profile divorce when Alec Baldwin was found uttering things about his wife and daughter that he has come to regret. She said that his comments about her in 2007 as being a “rude, thoughtless, little pig” were blown out of proportion.

Ms. Baldwin said she understands her father says things like that when he is frustrated, and it doesn’t faze her it at all. Ms. Baldwin also spoke about her romance with Slater Trout, also 17-years-old, and how her views on remaining chaste until marriage have changed since dating him.

The new model also opened up to the Post about her relationship with stand-up paddle boarder Slater Trout, 17. Though the par have been dating a few months, Balwin said she did “stalk” him for awhile.

“I stalked him on Instagram for a really long time. And I kind of got brave and decided to Twitter message him because he was following me, as well,” she told the paper, adding that they talked for two months before they ended up running into each other by chance at a Starbucks.

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