London Mayor Nervous About Ping Pong Face Off with Pippa Middleton

London Mayor Boris Johnson publicly expressed nervousness about an upcoming face off against the lovely Pippa Middleton, younger sister to the Duchess of Cambridge.

Apparently, both the Johnson and Middleton families are very competitive, and Ms. Middleton tweet-challenged the popular mayor to a ping pong match to see who can walk away with the bragging rights of “most competitive family”. Mayor Johnson readily accepted the challenge. However, now that reality is setting in, he is feeling some pre-game anxiety. Perhaps it’s the age difference between the two which has got the mayor nervous.

Pippa clearly holds that advantage at age 29 to his age 48. He has also been hearing rumors about how good Middleton is at ping pong. After all, it was she who challenged him to the match.

Johnson confessed he accepted the match to promote London’s sports legacy. He explained that Pippa’s ping pong challenge is helping to promote that legacy and has his full support. Sports isn’t the only thing that Mayor Johnson is supporting.

He just provided £750,000 London’s TV & Film industry on the set where “Downton Abbey” is filmed. He hopes to see the industry create 1,000 new jobs and generate £200m of expenditures in the near future.

Boris Johnson nervous over Pippa Middleton’s ping-pong challenge