Tom Hanks Recalls Playwright Ephron With Tears

After making his Broadway debut in the Nora Ephron play “Lucky Man”, actor Tom Hanks shed some tears, but they weren’t tears of joy. Hanks started to choke up on opening night during a tribute to screenwriter and playwright Ephron who died last year of cancer at the age of 71. Hanks said it was very difficult to have to remember his friend and colleague in memoriam after the opening show rather than to celebrate her as she walked out on stage in person to audience applause.

Hanks says he really misses Ephron, who he says was curious about everything in life and never missed a chance to discuss everything under the sun in stimulating conversation.

Hanks first worked with Ephron as the star of several of her motion pictures, including “Sleepless in Seattle” and “You’ve Got Mail”, co-starring with Meg Ryan in both hits. He never expected to arrive on Broadway after Ephron’s untimely death, but has not regretted his decision to star in her last project.

He compared the process of working in front of a live audience to a circus performer working without a net and said although the experience has been fun, audiences have no mercy if they don’t think the story being told is a compelling one.