Yearwood Weight Loss At  2013 Country Music Awards

Yearwood Weight Loss At 2013 Country Music Awards

Yearwood Shows Up 20 Pounds Lighter at the 2013 Country Music Awards

Trisha Yearwood, the southern cooking show host and wife of Garth Brooks, was a presenter at the 2013 Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas. This marks the 48th annual presentation of the awards, which is coincidentally the same age as Yearwood.

The sunday evening showcase provided a good opportunity for Trisha to show off her newly trimmed down physique, wearing a red Stella McCartney dress. Although the dress didn’t leave much breathing room, it did give her a vibrant and youthful look.

Her spokesperson was on hand to explain the weight loss, “Trisha has always been a successful, shapely bombshell. Recently she has taken her fitness routine to a new level”.

Yearwood manages to make healthy eating choices and avoids sugar as much as possible, while her husband, Garth Brooks, age 51, has been seen going in quite the opposite direction. Mr. Brooks, by a rough estimation, appears to be gaining about 2 pounds for every 1 that Trisha loses.

As a host of a cooking program that oftentimes features typical fried souther fare, she recommends to her viewers that they eat the foods they like, but always with moderation in mind, “you don’t eat fried chicken everyday!”

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