Nicole Sherzinger Had Hairy Legs As A Youth

Nicole Sherzinger Had Hairy Legs As A Youth

Nicole Sherzinger Had Hairy Legs in School

Nicole Sherzinger, Season 7 Champion of the hit show “Dancing with the Stars”, opened up to “Ok! Magazine” about her strict or “conservative” upbringing. During her school years, she was allowed to wear only modest levels of makeup, and she could not shave her legs.

Sherzinger expressed the constant embarrassment she endured in school for wearing what she termed “hairy legs forever” – something her mother compelled her to do. However, she attributes her success to the support her mother gave her. As the adage goes, “you never can tell”. Sherzinger was known for her flamboyant and sultry outfits when she was a member of the girl group “The Pussycat Dolls”.

Since the breakup of the band, Sherzinger has tried to maintain a solo career. Her next album will be released this August. It was compiled with the help of hip-hop star Will.I.Am. Sherzinger has struggled personally with the level of success she’s achieved as she has wanted greater star power than she currently enjoys.

She is undecided about returning to the “X Factor” for another season because she is concerned it will diminish her own music career. Her complete interview in “Ok! Magazine” is out in stores this week.


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