Deadliest Catch Star Missing: Tweets Explanation

Deadliest Catch Star Missing: Tweets Explanation

Fans Wonder Why Dealiest Catch Star Is Missing

Fans of Deadliest Catch were sorely disappointed at the premiere of the ninth season if they were expecting to see star Elliott Neese. Neese was nowhere to be found as the show entered its ninth year.

Other cast members couldn’t explain his absence but stated that he should have been ready to go for the start of Deadliest Catch’s ninth season, while others surmise that he was fired by the captain of his boat because he just didn’t produce.

The eighth season seemed to focus on the many struggles and challenges which Neese was encountering,

leading some to believe that his absence on the first episode was by design rather than anything nefarious.

Publicity distributed by the show mentioned Neese’s financial troubles, but indicated that he would be returning to Deadliest Catch as captain of the F/V Saga, his own boat.

Neese himself took to posting some comments on Twitter to shed light on the situation without directly explaining his current absence, saying that the audience should understand how important conflict and resolution is to the success of a television show, especially one in the reality TV category.

“In all honesty, I’m kinda not surprised Elliott isn’t here this year,” Yahoo News quoted Sig Hansen, captain of the F/V Northwestern.

“I bought my own boat to prove stupid people like you wrong ” Neese tweeted on Thursday, making it seem unlikely he won’t be a part of the newest season. He added: “Crew showed up today really gettin to work on the boat we have 2 months to do a total retrofit/ makeover I hope we can make our deadline!!”

The general consensus seems to be that Neese is only temporarily missing from Deadliest Catch.

A statement from Discovery about the new season read:

“While the skippers wage war for crab supremacy, the youth seek opportunity. Time Bandit deckhand Josh Harris attempts to keep his father’s fishing legacy alive, while on the Northwestern, both Edgar Hanson and Jake Anderson’s quest for a captain’s chair becomes closer to reality.”


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