victoria justice livid over leaked photos

victoria justice livid over leaked photos

Victoria Justice Phone Hacked and Photos Leaked

20-year-old actress Victoria Justice got the tabloid site “Ocean Up” to remove swimsuit photographs of her removed from their site.

The co-star of Nickelodeon series “Victorious” objected to the pictures being published on the web claiming that her phone was hacked, and the pictures were never meant for public consumption. Justice has kept her fans up to date on the phone hacking scandal via Twitter.

She first alerted fans that her phone had been stolen. Justice claims the photos were humorous in nature and weren’t meant to be “sexy”. Justice says the photographs were unflattering and more akin to a vintage 80’s aerobics teacher. Later, she expressed exasperation over the phone theft informing fans that the theft was “not cool”. While the attractive Justice would likely be considered beautiful in any type of photograph, she did not consider the stolen photographs to be flattering.

Via twitter she told fans that she would never have published the photographs of her own volition and declared that she would find those culpable for stealing her photographs. “Ocean Up” still has a link to the photographs on their website but the pictures are no longer accessible.

Justice is a Puerto Rican American from Florida with some German and Irish ancestry via her father.

She is multi-talented capable of also dancing and singing. During the four season run of Victorious, she recorded songs featured on the show.

The first such CD called “Victorious” after the name of the show was number one on Billboard’s Top 200 album charts. The second release peaked at #2.

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