Comedian Kevin Hart Arrested

Comedian Kevin Hart was arrested on suspicion for DUI in in Los Angeles on Sunday night. Hart was behind the wheel of his Mercedes when he was seen driving at a high rate of speed while crossing the center line.

A California Highway Patrolman witnessed Hart nearly hit a gas tanker truck and pulled Hart over, reports CNN.

Hart was unable to pass the administered field sobriety test and was arrested. A female companion that was in the car with Hart, who remains unidentified, was driven home after the arrest.

After being released on a five thousand dollar bound, Hart made several statements on Twitter addressing the arrest. Hart admitted that his decision making was flawed and he said that he admitted to the police officer that he was drunk when asked to take the field sobriety test. The comedian called the incident a wake-up call. The irreverent comic may very well write jokes about this incident for a future stand up performance, but he said that he understands how truly serious this situation is and how poorly it could have ended.

Hart, 32, has been hitting his stride as a comic within the last few years. When on tour he routinely sells out large venues. He has guest starred on several hit television shows such as “Modern Family” and recently hosted “Saturday Night Live”.


Comedian Kevin Hart arrested on suspicion of DUI

Drunken driving arrest a ‘wake-up’ call, comedian Kevin Hart says