Cat Cora Avoids Jail Time In DUI Arrest

Cat Cora Avoids Jail Time In DUI Arrest

Cat Cora Avoids Jail Time In DUI Arrest

Celebrity chef Cat Cora is used to being in the spotlight, but not as the defendant in a DUI case. Cora was arrested last summer in Santa Barbara, California after she crashed her vehicle into another driver and a breathalyzer examination revealed that her alcohol level rated more than twice California’s legal limit, reports TMZ.

Cora later issued a statement to Access Hollywood through her rep, saying she had learned a big lesson from her mistake.

“I deeply regret my decision to drive that evening after my designated driver became unavailable,” she said in the statement at the time. “I learned a very important lesson from this experience and take full accountability for my actions. This will never happen again.”

Cora, star of the “Food Network” and an “Iron Chef” winner, insisted that she had consumed only three beers before the accident. Cora managed to avoid doing any actual time in jail by striking a plea deal with the district attorney’s office.

Although she received a suspended 120-day jail sentence, the entire DUI episode was more than embarrassing for Cora. It also proved to be quite an expensive lesson, as she was assessed almost $2400 in fines in addition to making restitution to the other driver. Cora must complete 9 months of DUI school and be on probation for 36 months in order to avoid being jailed.


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